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  • Commonwealth Catalog Reaches 10,000 Requests

    Submitted by Alexandra on July 22, 2015

    Usage of the Commonwealth Catalog (ComCat) has increased steadily since it went live for patrons on April 1, 2015. ComCat now includes six library networks: Bridgewater State University, Cape Libraries Automated Materials Sharing (CLAMS), Fenway Libraries Online (FLO), Minuteman Library Network (MLN), Old Colony Library Network (OCLN), and the SAILS Library Network.  The ILL management system has over 4600 registered patrons and earlier this month recorded its 10,000th request. Sounds like our patrons are really jumping into their summer reading! 

    The collection will continue to grow in variety and size as other institutions and networks prepare to join later this summer and fall. UMass Amherst is up next. If you are a FLO patron and haven’t yet tried placing a request in the Commonwealth Catalog, click the link to get started.  

  • A Ghostbusters Sighting at Emmanuel College

    Submitted by Alexandra on July 8, 2015

    Is that a strange chill in the summer air?  Seems like something spooky is floating around the Fenway…

    In case you missed it, the team for the third Ghostbusters movie filmed some scenes at Emmanuel College and the Cardinal Cushing Library last week.  Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig were among the busy cast and crew filming on the campus quad.  For more information read the story on Emmanuel’s student news site.  

    Keep an eye out for some familiar hallways, buildings, and backdrops when you see the finished film due to hit theaters sometime next year!

    Image from a tweet by director, Paul Feig (@paulfeig)

  • Thank You Quality Control Committee!

    Submitted by Alexandra on June 23, 2015

    Over the last several months the members of the Quality Control committee at Fenway Libraries Online have worked closely with Systems Librarian, Paul Hoffman, to assign RDA content, media, and carrier fields to records in order to enable better search limits and filtering in the catalog.  The presence of these fields in bibliographic records should prove extremely helpful in separating ebook from print books, as well as giving depth to the variety of media types in the collection.  

    Early on in the project, only 23% of the system’s records had entries in these fields.  Hoffman did extensive analysis of the remaining records, using clues such as the items’ shelving locations, to determine which combination of fields would be appropriately assigned.  The committee pored over tens of thousands of records, checking to ensure Hoffman’s analysis was accurate.  In many cases, Quality Control members took it upon themselves to manually fix records that needed adjustments.  Now, many meetings and record loads later, 97% of the catalog-- over 1.2 million records!-- have RDA content, media, and carrier fields.  Adding these fields was a crucial step to improving the quality of the system’s records, as well as preparing the records for future upgrades to the OPAC and Integrated Library System.  

    Thank you, Quality Control Committee for your dedicated work “in the trenches” of this detailed project.  Our records are better for your efforts!

  • A Wealth of Common Goods

    Submitted by Alexandra on June 3, 2015

    On Thursday, May 21, Fenway Libraries Online presented its second annual staff conference.  The event, titled, “A Wealth of Common Goods,” was graciously hosted by Emmanuel College.  Staff from FLO institutions and the wider community attended, including representatives from Colleges of the Fenway, Simmons College, the Massachusetts Library System (MLS), and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC).  During the conference, Ann Hancock of Emmanuel College and Stephen Spohn of the MLS discussed the statewide Commonwealth eBook Collections and FLO’s growing partnership in the program.  Kelly Drake of FLO and Paul Kissman of the MBLC presented on the Commonwealth Catalog, the statewide interlibrary loan service hosted by FLO and now up and running with select library networks.  The conference continued with Paul Hoffman of FLO and Lee Sullivan of Lesley University speaking on the FLO-wide RDA Project.  This project worked closely with FLO cataloguers to assign Content, Media, and Carrier fields to records in order to better sort the catalog by item media type.  

    Finally, the conference closed with a big thank you to Kelly Drake.  After five years as Systems Librarian at FLO, Kelly left to spend time traveling, biking, and hiking across the country with her husband.  Her colleagues thanked her with a standing ovation, a half dozen cards bursting with signatures and of course, with a delicious cake.  We will all greatly miss Kelly’s dedication and enthusiasm, but we wish her happy trails on her exciting new adventures.