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  • Staff Profile: Cathy Tuohy

    Submitted by Alexandra on November 30, 2015


    Cathy Tuohy has always had a passion for literature, language, and systems.  Today she is the Assistant Director for Technology and Technical Services at the Cardinal Cushing Library at Emmanuel College.  Like many professionals in the library and information science field, Cathy studied English before turning her focus onto libraries.  While studying at Loyola University in New Orleans, Cathy did classwork at night and copy cataloging at the university library during the day.  Her time as a paraprofessional cataloger first inspired her to pursue librarianship as a career.  


    Cathy’s current position at Emmanuel has a more traditional focus on supporting the library in an academic community, but she has a long history of less traditional librarian roles at a variety of big companies.  This included working with vendors and managing market data for Fidelity, and performing support for software, clients, and servers at Mellon Trust.  Cathy enjoyed coordinating with vendors to provide the best access and content for e-resources.  It was work that went beyond the usual IT support for hardware and software and ultimately helped inform Cathy’s choice to return to work in specifically a library setting.  

    Now at Emmanuel for thirteen years, Cathy continues to manage the college’s e-resources and to support their related software.  She credits her work satisfaction to having experienced a variety of library jobs and settings.  That is her advice to others just beginning their careers in the library and information science profession.  Trying out different libraries and environments can help you determine “where your skills lie and maybe [help you learn] more about your passions,” be it public, school, academic, or specialized libraries.  

  • Staff Profile: Ann Glannon

    Submitted by Alexandra on October 8, 2015

    Ann Glannon realized she has handled or purchased about 85% of the books in their collection since she was first hired at Wheelock College Library.  Almost 30 years at an institution can produce some remarkable statistics!  Throughout her time at this library, Ann has served as the Reserves Assistant, the Curriculum Resources Librarian, and even rose to be the Associate Director.  Throughout these positions, her focus has been in public services, be it face-to-face interaction when leading instruction or fielding reference questions, or behind the scenes, working to develop the best collections and resources the library can offer.  

    However, Ann did not always see herself in the library science profession.  For years, friends and colleagues remarked that she would make a good librarian, or that she already was a librarian at heart, but Ann danced around this professional possibility.  When Ann completed an interest and talent survey, the careers she was paired with were artist, musician, and librarian.  Even then, she wasn’t sure that career would be a good fit.  She spent some time trying out a couple varied jobs before she finally pursued this librarian idea for herself, choosing to volunteer at a hospital library.  Something about the work made sense to Ann, and shortly thereafter she applied for a position at the Wheelock library, where she has worked ever since.  

    Ann considers it lucky that she ended up in a professional community that has offered offered her support, encouragement, and the space to grow and make her own contributions.  Her advice to those just beginning their careers is to “make the most of what turns up.”  You don’t always know where a career path will lead.  Remember to act with “integrity and generosity,” especially in the close-knit community of Boston librarians; someone may very well remember or recommend you for a new opportunity.  This strategy has served Ann well over the years and continues to keep her positive and inspired today while she serves as Wheelock College Library’s Interim Director.

  • A Wealth of Common Goods

    Submitted by Alexandra on June 3, 2015

    On Thursday, May 21, Fenway Libraries Online presented its second annual staff conference.  The event, titled, “A Wealth of Common Goods,” was graciously hosted by Emmanuel College.  Staff from FLO institutions and the wider community attended, including representatives from Colleges of the Fenway, Simmons College, the Massachusetts Library System (MLS), and the Massachusetts Board of Library Commissioners (MBLC).  During the conference, Ann Hancock of Emmanuel College and Stephen Spohn of the MLS discussed the statewide Commonwealth eBook Collections and FLO’s growing partnership in the program.  Kelly Drake of FLO and Paul Kissman of the MBLC presented on the Commonwealth Catalog, the statewide interlibrary loan service hosted by FLO and now up and running with select library networks.  The conference continued with Paul Hoffman of FLO and Lee Sullivan of Lesley University speaking on the FLO-wide RDA Project.  This project worked closely with FLO cataloguers to assign Content, Media, and Carrier fields to records in order to better sort the catalog by item media type.  

    Finally, the conference closed with a big thank you to Kelly Drake.  After five years as Systems Librarian at FLO, Kelly left to spend time traveling, biking, and hiking across the country with her husband.  Her colleagues thanked her with a standing ovation, a half dozen cards bursting with signatures and of course, with a delicious cake.  We will all greatly miss Kelly’s dedication and enthusiasm, but we wish her happy trails on her exciting new adventures.  

  • FLO Systems Librarian Returns to New England

    Submitted by Alexandra on March 17, 2015

    A few months ago, Paul Hoffman, Systems Librarian for Fenway Libraries Online, returned after more than a year and a half abroad.  Paul and his family lived in Pune, India for 14 months and in Mumbai, India for 5 months.  His wife, Rachel, teaches the history of India at Bowdoin College.  This sabbatical allowed her to learn more about the history of labor in Mumbai, most notably in the construction industry, which will be the topic of her second book.  

    During this time, Paul worked remotely-- very remotely-- and was able to check in and collaborate with the rest of the FLO team by phone.  One of his favorite parts of his time in India is the range of spicy, very spicy, and extremely spicy food.  He also found it amusing to hear his two daughters (then aged 3 and 7) picking up Indian English accents.  

    Today, Paul still works remotely, but this time from Maine and not from India.  His return to the States enables him to visit the FLO offices in Boston once a month-- keep an eye out for him at various committee meetings. We in the FLO office are glad to have him back in the neighborhood.